The Peace of Mind Families Can Trust

Our most critical challenges often have less to do with money and more to do with family relationships. How much money should we give our children? Should we give equally to all or distribute based on performance? What effect will the distribution of our money have on family harmony? Will our money ruin our children's work ethic? These are tough questions that require open, honest discussions. Dr. Weiner's passion is to help families define a legacy that preserves both financial assets and family relationships over time.

Family Legacy Assessment
One to three hours of discussion, primarily with family leaders. The focus is on the strengths and challenges of the family system. Particular attention is paid to identifying troublesome family dynamics with a plan for their resolution going forward.

Family Meetings
These meetings may include several generations of the family. Facilitated family meetings may last up to three days or occur over a period of time. Conversations are geared to promote clear thinking about principles related to asset distribution and your family's future. It is a forum where differences can be aired in a safe environment.

Private Wealth Consultation
The most common issues discussed include the following:

  • Coping with sudden wealth
  • Reducing family conflict
  • Developing financially literate children
  • Strengthening bonds between siblings
  • Parenting in the midst of wealth
  • Philanthropy


Common topics and titles include:

  • "Family Legacy Conversations: What Matters Most"
  • Ethical Wills/Mission/Vision Statements
  • Financial Literacy for Children
  • "Don't Bank on it: Preserving Your Family Legacy for Future Generations"
  • "Parenting in Prosperous Families: Principles You Can Live By"
  • "Wealth Transfer: Practices of Successful Families"
  • "Legacy Planning and Ethical Wills"